About Me

Well, hello there.

My name is Alexandros Mittos and I’m a PhD student at UCL. I am interested in Privacy and more specifically in Genomic Privacy.

I’m part of a training network called Privacy & Usability which is funded by the European Union.

I received my Bachelor of Engineering from the Information and Communication Systems Engineering department, of the University of the Aegean in 2014. I was also awarded with a scholarship for my MSc studies in Information & Communication Systems Security, where I served as a lab assistant and as a course assistant.

At the moment I am part of the Information Security Research Group of UCL, where, under the guidance of Emiliano De Cristofaro, I am investigating how to securely and efficiently store genomic data, design and implement privacy-preserving genomic testing, as well as support user-centered design of secure personal genomic applications.

I like to consider myself an advocate of Privacy and I am a firm believer and user of Open Source Software.