More About Me

So you want to learn more about me, eh? Well, ask away.

The title of your website says Early Stage Researcher but your bio says you’re a PhD student. What are you then? 

– Well, I’m both. Early Stage Researcher is the title that I get from my funding scheme. PhD student is the title I get from my university. When I’m doing business, I’m an Early Stage Researcher. When it comes to buying food, I’m a PhD student.

Where else can I find you online?

– You can always add me on LinkedIn. I also have a very boring Twitter account. Finally, you can monitor my productivity on GitHub and send me angry emails for being too lazy.

What do you like to do on your free time?

– My favorite things to do include reading fantasy novels, playing video games and playing pen & paper games. I also like to play chess but I’m terrible at it. You can challenge me here if you feel like it. Movies and anime are cool too.

Which is your favorite distro?

– My heart belongs to Arch Linux.

iPhone or Android?

– What kind of question is this?

Which is your favorite color?

– This is highly sensitive information and I refuse to answer.

What do you hate most?

– People with no sense of humor.

Why are you using WordPress? What’s wrong with you?

– 🙁